Hypergrid International Expo


OpenSim is an interconnected group of independently run Virtual Worlds that are technically similar to Second Life. These 3D platforms are based all around the world, and are ‘home’ to a vast variety of people and projects, from scientific and academic to artistic and social.
The Opensim community has an annual English-language event called the Opensim Community Conference. Learn more about the OSCC here. Art Blue presented there the 1BIENNALE …

The Hypergrid International Expo seeks to provide a place for non English residents of OpenSim to have an opportunity to tell the community about their projects and their grids.

The Hypergrid International Expo will have presentations in German, Spanish, French, and Italian. Translation into English and, where possible, into the other languages, will be provided, so that all can understand the presentations.

This event is not for profit. All who attend and present at the conference do so without pay, and are aware that the event may be filmed and broadcast.







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